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80H — Eighty Imaginary Houses I'll Build for You

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Author: Canedicoda
Text: Mario Lupano, Canedicoda
ISBN: 978-88-99058-01-2
Language: Ita/Eng
Pages: 112 - Risograph printing
Cover: two colors silk-screen printing - Fallaini Venezia
Size: 115 x 165 mm
Print run: 100 copies (10 Collector edition)
Year: 2014

Now in front of these drawings of houses I feel naive and it does almost looks to me that I have doubled back to scrutinize every remote sketch again, to read old fairy tales anew. But I have also an inkling that these new imaginary houses may represent a step in another direction and that they are completely figment of a previous and real path. (CANEDICODA)