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Zaha Hadid (Digital Hadid Revisited — Vol.1-3)

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Authors: Patrik Shumacher (Vol.1-2); Shajay Bhooshan (Vol.3)
ISBN: 978-88-99058-11-1
Language: Eng
Size: 145 x 200 mm
Print run: 2000 copies
Year: 2016

Zaha Hadid’s pioneering vision redefined architecture and design for the 21st century and captured imaginations across the globe. In celebration of her career spanning four decades, Fondazione Berengo hosts an abridged retrospective exhibition of her work showcasing many of the seminal paintings, drawings and models of Hadid’s repertoire. In a variety of media including photography and interviews, the exhibition conveys the unrivalled ingenuity and dynamism of Zaha Hadid’s work.

The catalogue of the ‘Zaha Hadid’ exhibition is presented in four volumes: Zaha Hadid Architects, Zaha Hadid Selected Works, Zaha Hadid Code and Zaha Hadid Exhibition.
The original text ‘Digital Hadid’ by Patrik Schumacher was first published by Birkhäuser in 2004 and has been re-edited in occasion of the retrospective and presented again as ‘Digital Hadid Revisited’.

The catalogue features built work, projects in construction and design in development - as well as extensive research conducted by Hadid’s studio. The publication also includes a photo insert of the exhibition held in the Neo-Gothic rooms of Palazzo Franchetti on the Grand Canal in Venice.

The exhibition runs concurrently with the Architecture Biennale from May 27 to November 27, 2016.